The Empty House: 05/19/12
Scholars of the Three-Pipe Problem

“I trust that age doth not wither nor custom stale my infinite variety.”


1. Who wrote "The Adventure of the Empty House?" ___________________

2.  In which of the five volumes of collected short cases does :"The Adventure of the
Empty House" appear? _______________

3.  One of the Scotland Yard inspectors appears in this adventure.  Which one? __________

4.  "My collection of _________ is a fine one. . ."

5.  In what year does Watson tell us that this case occurred? ___________

6.  "Work is the best antidote to ___________, my dear Watson."

7.  "I know _______________, the blind German mechanic."

8.  "I had no serious difficulty of getting out of it because __________________” (exact quote)

9.  During "The Great Hiatus," we know that there was at least one person, other than Mycroft, who knew that Holmes was alive.  Who was that person? ____________

10. "We are in _______ __________ which stands opposite our own old quarters."

11.  Who was the second most dangerous man in London?  __________________

12. We are told that Col. Moran belonged to three clubs at which cards were played.  One of them was The Tankerville Club (after which the Cincinnati scion is named).  Name one of the other two clubs to which the Colonel belonged.  _________________.

13. We know this case as "The Adventure of the Empty House."  Holmes, however,  in recruiting Watson's aid, referred to this case as the "notable case of ______________."

14. " . . . paid a short but interesting visit to the Khalifa at  ________________. . . "

15. Who made the bust of Holmes? ____________________

16. We read the accusation, "You cunning, cunning fiend!"  To whom was this addressed? _________________________

17. What was the street address at which The Honourable Ronald Adair was murdered? _____________

18. On what date did The Honorable Ronald Adair meet his maker? (month, day, year) ______  _____  _____

19. Ronald Adair was the second son of ______ ________ _________.

20. We know that one of the books carried by "the old bibliophile" was "The Origins of Tree Worship."  Name one of the other three books that Watson mentioned to be in the possession of "the old bibliophile?" _____________

21. Who was " . . . a remarkable performer on the jew's-harp?" _______________

22. ". . . he had actually won as much as four hundred and twenty pounds in a sitting . . . from ________  _______ and  Lord Balmoral." (hint: think "The Survivors of the Gloria Scott")

23. What is a "shikari?"   ________________________
24. Mr. Holmes remarked, " . . . you handled the  __________ mystery . . . fairly well."

25. What was Ronald Adair's sister's name? ___________