The Empty House: 05/19/12
Scholars of the Three-Pipe Problem
Answers (we think)

“I trust that age doth not wither nor custom stale my infinite variety.”


1.Will accept either ACD or JHW, depending on one's persuasion.
2. The Return of Sherlock Holmes
3. Lestrade
4. M's
5. 1894
6. sorrow
7. Von Herder
8. "I never was in it."
9. Moran
10. Camden House
11. Moran
12. Anglo-Indian, Bagatelle
13. The Adventure of the Empty House
14. Khartoum
15. Oscar Meunier of Grenoble
16. Holmes
17. 427 Park Lane
18. March 30 1894
19. The Earl of Maynooth
20. British Birds; Catullus; The Holy War (accept any one)
21. Parker
22. Godfrey Milner
23. as big game hunter (especially in India)
24. Molesey
25. Hilda

Tie breakers

The Adventure of the Empty house contains one line which scholars have used as evidence for establishing Mr. Holmes birthday.  What is that line? 
“‘Journeys end in lovers’ meetings,’

What is the source from which Mr. Holmes took this quotation (some say misquote)?
12th Night

In what other canonical tale contains a quotation from this same source? REDC

In what case, beginning January 7, have some scholars assumed Mr. Holmes to have had a "hangover" from celebrating his birthday on the previous evening? VALL