Interrogation with Respect to The Hound of the Baskervilles prepared for
The Gathering of Southern Sherlockians V 18-19 April 2009

1: Who wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles? ______________________________________________

2: Which Baskerville died in Yew Alley? _________________________________________________

3: In association with the description of the death in Yew Alley, there was the mention of a footprint having been found at the scene. What kind of footprint? ___________________________________

4: Beryl Stapleton mistook Dr. Watson to be ______________________________

5: A dog, other than The Hound, is mentioned a few times during this case. What kind of dog was it? _______________________________

6: Who did "the man on the tor" turn out to be? ______________________________

7: On what was printed, "Meyers, Toronto?" ____________________________________________

8: "It was __________________, the Notting Hill Murderer."

9: What treatment did Lestrade administer to Sir Henry after the Hound's attack? _______________

10: What did Sir Henry ask of Lestrade shortly after the Hound's attack? ______________________

11:"Visited twenty-three hotels as directed, but sorry to report unable to trace cut sheet of Times" Signed _____________________________

12: The name of the house occupied by the Stapletons: _______________________________________

13: Eliza Barrymore's maiden name was ____________________________

14: ". . . a dreadful cry . . ." turned Watson ". . . cold with horror." It was the cry of _______________________________________________

15: In what house did Old Frankland live? _________________________________________________

16: Mr. Holmes told Dr Watson that he (Holmes) was returning from Baskerville Hall to London; where, however, did Mr. Holmes actually spent the bulk of his time during the case of The Hound of the Baskervilles? ______________________________________________

17: "Vandeleur" was a pseudonym adopted by one character. What was the name of the character claiming the name Vandeleur BEFORE he assumed that name? ________________________

18: Laura Lyons didn't live in Grimpen, but in another town. Which one? ________________________

19: In what year was Dr. Mortimer married? ________________________________________________

20: Who was Laura Lyons' father? _______________________________________________________

21: Who was Perkins? _________________________________________________________________

22: Before moving to the Dartmoor moor, Stapleton had been a schoolmaster. At what school? ______________________________________

23: What was "the paste in the tin?" ___________________________________________________

24: What was John Clayton's cab number? ___________________

25: In what year was the document, shown to Holmes, describing the Baskerville curse dated? _______________________
******************************** Tie Breakers***********************************
1tb: What was the year painted on the back of the original Hugo Baskerville's portrait hanging in Baskerville Hall? ______________________
2tb: Which Baskerville actually authored the document describing the Baskerville curse: __________________________
3tb: For whom was the document mentioned above intended? __________ and ________ Baskerville.