We were enormously flattered to have been invited to meet with the members of the Memphis, TN Sherlock Holmes Scion at their annual Master's Birthday Party held on 6 January 2002. Please come along with us for as you scroll down this page you will enjoy a vicarious visit to The Giant Rats' social event of the year!

We were met by our old friend (who happens to be a member of the Memphis scion) Ken Gordon. Ken once brilliantly portrayed Jabez Wilson of "The Red-headed League" in a canonical version of the old TV show "What's My Line" (You might want to take a look at Ken in that role - click here,)


Giant Rat Ken then showed us around the venue of the Birthday Gala, the Memphis' eligant University Club. Upper left; Members' Lounge: Upper right; club entrance hall and, finally, the bulletin board directed us to The Board Room. Outside The Board Room, The Giant Rats' First Garrideb, Wayne Hoerske mans the registration desk.

The anxious and apprehensive Giant Rats muster their courage and attack THE QUIZ-the assigned canonical case was "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane." Upper left; Betty Phillip looks for a place to sit down and concentrate. Upper right; the room is soon full of canonical scholars exhibiting their knowledge. Lower left; Lori Aleva and Jack Smith counsel each other about the test. Lower right; two Giant Rats escape from the test and confer with the gentleman many think of the most important person at the meeting, Johnny Guy, the bartender!

Want to take a shot at The Giant Rats' "Adventure of the Lion's Mane" yourself?


And The Giant Rats assemble for dinner in The Board Room. What a dinner it was! Beyond Excellent! Rock Cornish Game Hen, asparagus, and all the trimmings!


After the absolutely outstanding dinner, First Garrideb, Wayne Hoerske called the formal meeting to order.

The meeting was then turned over to Dr. Herschel Schwartz who set about moderating the annual team contest of canonical knowledge!

Left: The formidable Robert Lanier team assembles (leader Judge Lanier second from right against the wall); Right the challengers in the form of the Wayne Hoerske team make ready for battle! Center: Dr. Schwartz assumes the exacting role of Quizmaster while guest referee, Carolyn Senter, records the scores (there is no truth to the rumor that Ms. Senter is associated with Arthur Andersen). After a hard-fought battle, the Hoerske team emerged winner and received the first annual award of the Shoso-in Championship Bowl which they may keep in their possession until next year when the trophy must be defended! We must add that we were most impressed with the performances of the members of both teams. In all of our travels we have seldom encountered such breadth and depth of canonical knowledge among the members of a single group.

We extend our sincere appreciation to The Giant Rats of Sumatra. We were, indeed, honored by their invitation and we had an absolutely marvelous time. Thank you very much; you are the very model of Victorian graciousness and Southern Hospitality!