A Singular Sherlockian Symposium!

Indianapolis, November 8 - 9, 2003:

Steve Doyle and Mark Gagen, proprietors of the well-known publishing houses, Wessex Press and Gasogene Books, hosted what was one of the most remarkable Sherlockian gatherings ever assembled! This event attracted a truly cosmopolitan assemblage from both US coasts and numerous states in between! The collection of Sherlockian celebrities featured on the symposium's program was as geographically diverse as it was notable. America's east and west coasts were represented by well-known Sherlockian Sue Dahlinger and author, screen writer, director, and actor Nicholas Meyer. The United Kingdom was represented by David Stuart Davies, editor of Sherlock magazine and celebrated author. Eminent actor, and Jeremy Brett's "Watson," Mr. Edward Hardwicke honored the symposium by traveling from his current home in France. For further details, please join us for a "virtual" tour of the fabulous "Gillette to Brett" symposium below..

Schedule of Events
Saturday, November 8
9:00 AM  Registration & Vendor Space Opens
9:00 - Noon  Sherlockian Film Festival
9:30 - 11:00 Speaker Autograph Sessions

12:30PM  Opening Remarks, S. Doyle & M. Gagen
12:45  William Gillette by S. E. Dahlinger
1:15 Sherlock Holmes on the Air by Dr. Gordon Kelley
1:45 BREAK

2:00 Starring Sherlock Holmes by David Stuart Davies
2:40 The Rathbone Play-A Different Perspective by Paul Herbert
3:10 BREAK

3:30 From Page to Screen, The 7% Solution by Nicholas Meyer
4:15 BREAK

4:30 A Conversation with Edward Hardwicke
6:00 -8:00 PM Banquet

8:30 Post Dinner Party in Lobby Bar

Sunday, November 9

8:30 - 10:30 AM  Breakfast in the Churchill Room

The Venue

Indianapolis's luxurious Omni North Hotel
Sherlockians begin to assemble in the Omni North's hospitable lobby


A Few of The Attendees
Pat Ward, distinguished member of The Illustrious Clients, greets attendees as she manages the Wessex Press table.
Audience awaits the beginning of the program. 
Chatting in the Omni lobby are Sunnie Levin (back to camera), Fred Levin (L), David and Audrey Hammer.
New York's legendary Peter Crupe poses for the camera with his eyes closed.
Sherlockians assemble for the dinner in the ball room.
Sherlockians relax in front of the fireplace (weather was a bit brisk) in the Omni's lobby. Seen near the fireplace are (L - R) David Hammer, Carol Fish, and Ron Fish.
Among the celebrities in the audience we find Cincinnati's Barbara and Paul Herbert seated behind Roy Pilot.
The dignity of the occasion was enhanced by Canadian visitors, Kristen Pedersen and Charles Prepolec. Charles manages one of the great Sherlockian websites. ( Click Here to visit Charles' website.)
Sherlockians bid their farewells at Sunday morning breakfast.
Iowa's Audrey and David Hammer flank Nashville's Gael Stahl at the Saturday evening dinner.
The Program

Steve Doyle (L) and Mark Gagen, producers and directors of the "Gillette to Brett" Symposium - the guys who pulled this whole thing together -prepare to call the assembled Sherlockians to order.


Detroit's Roy Pilot introduces the Symposium's program.

S.E. Dahlinger presents: William Gillette
Dr. Gordon Kelley presents: Holmes on the Air
S. E. Dahlinger, ASH, MBt, who has been Sherlocking happily for about forty years, begins the Gillette to Brett Symposium with her presentation on William Gillette. In 1999, Ms. Dahlinger's extensive researches into the life and career of William Gillette's grand old melodrama, "Sherlock Holmes" came to the attention of the international Sherlockian Community through the pages of "The Baker Street Journal". Since then, she has lectured widely and visited archives and private collections in the US, UK, and Canada as well as continuning her research via correspondence with other Sherlockian Scholars in France, Scandinavia, and in Russia. Ms. Dahlinger's biographical book on William Gillette is currently in progress.
Dr. Gordon Kelley, author of The Sherlock Holmes Screen and Sound Guide, is the retired associate Dean for Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Soputhern Indiana. Dr. Kelley has been a long-time collector of classic radio and television programs. In the course of his collections he frequently found himself frustrated with the abundance of misinformation about Sherlockian radio broadcasts. After five years of work, Dr. Kelley published his Sherlock Holmes Screen and Sound Guide, which has become an indispensable reference work for Sherlockians interested in the history of non-print Sherlockian literature.














Paul Herbert presents:
The Rathbone Play - A Different Perspective

Nicholas Meyer presents:
From Page to Screen - The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Paul Herbert is a lifetime resident of the Cincinnati, Ohio area and has been a history teacher for more than 30 years. He was invested in the Baker Street Irregulars in 1977 with the investiture of Mr. Leverton of Pinkerton's. Paul is the founder of Cincinnati's Sherlockian Scion, "The Tankerville Club." Paul is the author of nemerous journal articles and the critically aclaimed book, The Sincerest Form of Flattery in which he provided a historical survey of Sherlockian pastiches and parodies. Paul is a much-sought-after speaker at Sherlockian gathering and has been featured at such meetings as SH/ACD symposia at Wright State University, the University of Illinois and the Hansom Cabs "Intergalatic Symposium" in Columbia, SC.
Nicholas Meyer is a name that is well known in Sherlockian circles. His Target Practice, published in 1974, received an Edgar Award nomination. This was followed by his The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, which remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 40 weeks! His screenplay for this pastiche was nominated for an Academy Aware in 1976. Meyer's directing credits are numerous, but Trekkies will remember him best for Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. Among Meyers' numerous other literary credits are two additional Holmesian pastiches, viz., The West End Horror and The Notorious Canary Trainer.
















David Stuart Davies presents: Starring Sherlock Holmes

A Conversation with Edward Hardwicke

David Stuart Davies (often known as "DSD") is the editor of Britain's premier mystery magazine, Sherlock. He is also a well-known author having produced such a variety of titles as Bending the Willow, The Tangled Skein, Sherlock Holmes of the Movies, Starring Sherlock Holmes, and, more recently, The Veiled Detective. Davies's plays include The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock Holmes - The Last Act. This latter work, starring Roger Llewelyn, has toured the world and has recently enjoyed a Christmas (2003) run in London. Mr. Davies was the co-founder of The Northern Musgraves Sherlock Holmes Society and was Co-President of that august organization for twelve years. As an annual affair, Mr. Davies presents the Film Evening for the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Mr. Davies journeyed from his home in England to participate in the "Gillette to Brett" Symposium.
Edward Hardwicke (L) is, perhaps, best known in Sherlockian circles for his portrayal of Dr. Watson to Mr. Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes in the long running Granada Television series, a role which he assumed in 1986 with his debut in "The Empty House" and continued for 32 episodes until the end of the series in 1994. Edward Hardwicke, who is the son of Sir Cedric Hardwicke and actress Helena Pickard, began his acting career in the 1940s with subsequent film and television credits much too numerous to mention here. Mr. Hardwicke came from his present home in France to participate in the "Gillette to Brett" Symposium. MCing Mr. Hardwicke's conversation with the audience is David Stuart Davies.

















And a Little Camera Mugging



Edward Hardwicke (L, needless to say) and Joel Senter
Atlanta's Gord Shriver with Joel and Carolyn Senter
Joel and Carolyn Senter with Chicago's Studmaster, Allan Devitt








We join the entire Sherlockian Community in offering our kudos to Steve Doyle, Mark Gagen and Wessex Press for putting together a symposium which shall be the benchmark for such gatherings for years to come. Thanks you very much, gentlemen!