November 16-18, 2007
November 16-18, 2007
On the weekend of November 16-18, 2007, Wessex Press sponsored another blockbuster Sherlockian conference. This one devoted to Sherlock Holmes on stage, screen, television, and radio. From Gillette to Brett II featured a film festival*, Sherlockian vendors, and an all-star roster of distinguished speakers and presenters. (Editor's note: The above description we admit to lifting from one of the Wessex Press's web sites and we wanted to comment that these folks are uncommonly modest in merely describing a "roster of distinguished speakers." In our experience there have been few, if any, Sherlockian gatherings in this country which have attracted to their programs so many truly eminent members of The Sherlockian Community from all around the world.)

Steven Doyle, one of the movers and shakers both at Wessex Press and in the organization of Gillette to Brett II, prepares to begin the classic film festival.*

Left to right: Mark Gagen, Jeremy Paul, Patricia Garwood, Steven Doyle. Mark is the other mover and shaker both at Wessex and in the organization of Gillette to Brett II.
Steven Doyle greeting author, editor, and celebrated Sherlockian, David Stuart Davies.
Kathryn White, another participant all the way from England. Kathryn White is a member of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and the The Baker Street Irregulars
Jeremy Paul, script writer for many of the Jeremy Brett/Granada TV productions.
Terence Faherty, noted Basil Rathbone scholar gives the gathering 10 reasons for loving the much maligned Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies.
Terence Faherty (L) with eminent Sherlockian scholar and author, Les Klinger. Wessex Press is the publisher of Mr. Klinger's peerless nine-volume work, "Sherlock Holmes Reference Library."
Michael Hoey being interviewed by Terence Faherty. Michael Hoey is the son of character actor Dennis Hoey (Inspector Lestrade in the Universal Sherlock Holmes series). Mr. Hoey was often on the set of the Universal Sherlock Holmes movies, and shared memories of personal encounters with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce!
Scott Nollen discusses Sherlockian cinema from the seminal Sherlock Holmes Baffled through to the classic films of Arthur Wontner, with emphasis on the silent films of Eille Norwood.

And last,but we hope not least, we were there! And a great gathering it was! We deeply regret that everyone in The Sherlockian Community didn't have the chance to attend this stellar gathering. We don't know anyone outside of Wessex Press who has the know-how and the influential connections to bring together such an august assemblage of eminent Sherlockians and great presentations. Kudos to Wessex Press for a great symposium!
*The films shown during the Symposium's FilmFest were classics and included The Man Who Disappeared starring John Longden, Do Detectives Think? starring Laurel & Hardy, Silver Blaze starring Christopher Plummer; The Devil's Foot starring Eille Norwood, and House of Fear starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.
All Photos here, except one, were provided courtesy of Steven Doyle (thanks, Steve). The lone photo of us was provided by our Atlanta friend, Gord Shriver.
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